Emmanuel Petit

A big thanks to our sponsor Emmanuel Petit, the football world champion in 1998. Thanks to him for supporting us and being present for 6 years. Thanks to him for believing in the association and for being touched by our struggle and fight.

Why did you choose Emmanuel Petit? Our goal was to find a friendly, human personality that embodies the values ​​we share, a person with heart and commitment: when he says things, he does them.

Emmanuel is of this nature. As President of the association, I have always promised not to take anyone and not to forget that a personality is not limited to an image. She/he must also have a brain and a heart. I have often found that when one asks for official support from a celebrity, there are many who do not hesitate to ask for astronomical sums. They forget that associations and foundations like mine engage in a nonprofit! This is why the SOS MADISON association prefers to surround itself with competent, sensitive, sincere and above all human.

I never wanted to take a celebrity solely for the image it refers to but for what he/she really is, for its true personality. Monaco, this athletic southpaw was one of the executives of the French team who won the 1998 World Cup and the European Championship in 2000.

Emmanuel Petit is a former football player. Revealed early on at AS  He is particularly famous for scoring The last goal of the victory of the Blues in the final of the 1998 World Cup against Brazil which was also the thousandth goal of the team of France. Having had to interrupt his football career, he rebounded by becoming a consultant, sports commentator and chronicler.

But, beyond the image, Emmanuel Petit is also and above all a sincere, honest, generous and deeply compassionate person. He has joined forces with the Sport Foundation to fight against obesity among young people. He participated in a nutrition education program to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity for children

He is also the sponsor of the Association Huntington France, which works to support people affected by Huntington’s disease and their families, informing medical and paramedical staff, awareness and public authorities contribute to research. Huntington’s disease is an inherited genetic neurodegenerative disease for which there is no curative treatment to date.”

Revolted by injustice and hypocrisy, he did not hesitate to commit himself to important causes. Known for his “shrieks”, sometimes portrayed as a sharp skinned person, a person “flush with skin” as the title of his book written in 2008, Emmanuel is above all courageous and integral , who undertakes and speaks his mind, even if it is not politically correct.

Firmine Richard

It was one more opportunity for the actress to give a chance to young people in the art world.Mason Ewing was pleased that she became the sponsor because she is a person and actress he truly appreciates. When she does something, she does not do it half way. She invests much of her energy and does them with her famous sincerity.

Disability is that important for her that she agreed to act in Mason’s short movie UNE LUEUR D’ESPOIR, a short movie bought by France TELEVISIONS dealing with the topic of disability. Actress Firmine Richard supports as well Mason in his art projects.

Firmine Richard is a woman already committee in our fights – disability and equal opportunities for children in the world. It is with joy that in June 2017, she said “yes” to support our fights by becoming the sponsor of our association.

Known and famous for her true humanity, she awarded in 2015 the prize for accessibility and living together for the accessibility trophy in front of high-level State and Government representatives (Senators and ministers).

From the youth side, Firmine Richard is not a pretentious woman. Quite to the contrary. In 2016, she agreed to act in a short movie shot by 8th grade students!