Supportive Tenant

We welcome any young person who finds themselves on the street after being evicted from  Children’s Social Assistance or from the orphanage. After our social workers and psychologists have spoken with them, they will be referred to a tenant in solidarity. It is a volunteer foster home that shelters, nurtures, and guides young people for their future. This is done in return for help, knowledge, or service.

We understand and support young people, all the suffering they have gone through in their journeys, all their concerns thanks to our psychologists. We bring them comfort, as week as a discreet and attentive ear.

Every day, our volunteers think about improving the quality and breadth of service provided to youth and how their supportive homes can be the best possible experience.

Finally, we guide young people to their future through educators and social workers. We put everything in place so that they can carry out student and professional projects.



“Losso” is a phrase that comes from the words LocataireSolidaire. It refers to all young people who are housed in the supportive homes of our association.

More than just a term, Losso is a symbol of unity. Every “Losso” who emancipates himself from our association is invited to help another young person one day. He will in turn become a Losso.

The Losso totem animal is the wolf. Evolving in packs, wolves are a symbol of family and protection. Like the Losso who have a fraternal spirit and support each other in our organization.